GRUNDFOS UPS2 32-80 (180)

GRUNDFOS UPS2 32-80 (180)


This pump directly replaces the UPS 32-55 and UPS 32-80 directly.  No alteration to pipework or fittings is necessary.

The new Grundfos UPS2 32-80 (180) is a high-efficiency circulator pump with permanent-magnet motor (ECM technology) and continuously variable speed control for circulation of clean heating water.

The UPS2 32-80 (180) is the ideal replacement for the UPS 32-55 and 32-80 in domestic heating systems, it comes complete with modern motor technology and electronic control which enables it to exceed new EuP/ErP standards.  It is also available as a complete pump or as a pump head only.

Features and benefits

  • integrated differential-pressure control enabling adjustment of pump performance to the actual system requirement
  • motor based on permanent-magnet/compact rotor technology.
  • The pumps are energy-optimised and comply with the requirements of the EuP directive.
  • The installation of a UPS2 will reduce power consumption considerably, reduce noise from thermostatic valves and similar fittings and improve the control of the system.


The UPS2 range offers a host of advantages:

  • Energy savings
  • High-efficient permanent-magnet motors.
  • Flexibility
  • Suitable for installation in existing systems.
  • Comfort
  • Low-noise operation.
  • Safety
  • Built-in electrical and thermal protection of the pump.
  • User friendliness
  • Simple setting and operation.
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